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Resistance Data Human Medicine

ANRESIS collects and analyses anonymous antibiotic resistance data provided by a representative selection of Swiss clinical microbiology laboratories. Resistance data are generated during routine medical care (privacy statement) and are reported as delivered. The collected data represent at least 80% of annual hospitalisation days and at least 30% of Swiss practitioners. Epidemiological data provided allow for stratification of resistance results according to hospital versus outpatients, age groups and anatomical location.

Resistance Data Veterinary Medicine

Annual priority programmes define specific pathogens from pigs, cattle, poultry and companion animals. The strains are isolated from diagnostic submissions of nearly all Swiss veterinary diagnostic laboratories (university, cantonal, private) in order to achieve good representativeness of the results. Isolates are derived from animals without antimicrobial treatment before the sample was taken. Determination of the minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) are performed at the Swiss national reference laboratory (ZOBA).

ANRESIS continuously collects all anonymized resistance data that is generated in routine diagnostics from

> 30 Laboratories for human medicine
10 Laboratories for veterinary medicine
> 70 Hospital pharmacies
> 1000 Pharmacies
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