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After years of steady state, vancomycin resistance in enterococci (VRE) has increased since 2018.

Enterococci belong to the intestinal flora and are of low pathogenicity. However, especially in the hospital environment they can cause severe infections. Numbers of VRE in Switzerland remained stable until 2018, when several outbreaks including one of the ST 796 clone (see literature) caused a considerable increase. Subsequently, recommendations to contain VRE spread in health care facilities were published by Swissnoso, current cantonal VRE data are updated monthly (see graphic below).

Current numbers of VRE isolates per canton

New VRE cases half-yearly and per canton. Only hospitalized patients are considered, doubles (same patients) are excluded. In case of multiple samples per patient, the most invasive sample is considered. Screening samples are defined as sample locations “anal”, “faeces”, “intact skin” or “mucosa-swab”.

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