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Resistance Data Veterinary Medicine

Resistance monitoring in livestock and meat

Resistance monitoring in zoonotic and indicator bacteria of healthy slaughter animals was harmonized EU-wide in 2014

Surveillance of antibiotic resistance in zoonotic indicator bacteria was established in 2014 according to European guidelines. These data can be compared with other European countries and Norway. They are published annually by EFSA. The annual ARCH-Vet reports summarize the most relevant findings, whereas a full report of all analyses is given in the Swiss antibiotic resistance reports every two years.


Resistance monitoring in diseased animals

Resistance data in sick animals is available since 2019

A continuous, representative surveillance of resistance trends in animal pathogens was established in 2019. These data are not only used for epidemiological purposes, but also help establishing therapeutic guidelines and built the basis for actions to reduce antibiotic resistance in veterinary medicine. The Swiss antibiotic resistance reports summarize the most relevant data every two years.

Interactive Veterinary Database Query

Inspect the most relevant veterinary resistance data of Switzerland in a tabular view and customize the query according to your preferences.

INFECT vet: an interactive map of resistance data in animal pathogens

INFECT – INterface For Empirical antimicrobial ChemoTherapy

INFECT is an interactive web application which is directed particularly towards health professionals. It gives a fast and intuitive access to ANRESIS resistance data and connects them with the latest national treatment guidelines. The INFECT project has been developed with support from the Federal Office of Public Health and the Institute for Infectious Diseases Bern.

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